Marketing Plan Templates


Different types of businesses may be better served by using specific marketing plan templates geared for their industry. However, it is often easier to work with a pre-formatted template than to construct one from scratch. With this in mind, here are a variety of free blank marketing plan templates that make it easier to plan your marketing strategy for your business.

Some of the templates have sample data written in to help guide you through the process. The sample data is there to help you, but by no means do you need to write as much, or even follow the ideas of what is written. It is best that you come up with your own words as this document will be used by you to plan your business marketing.

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One Page Marketing Template

Although a one page marketing template is not the most robust form of a marketing template, it can serve a useful purpose. By restricting your writing to one page, it requires you to focus your ideas into simple statements. This will eventually help you because it is quite easy to get lost in the details of your marketing strategy. By coming back periodically to your one page marketing template, it will remind you where your focus should lie.

It not advised to rely solely upon a template such as this because there are many details that need to be eventually written down such as market research and data. After you have filled out the one page template to your satisfaction, proceed to one of the other longer marketing templates provided below.

One Page Marketing Template (Doc)

One Page Marketing Template 2 (Doc)


Full Marketing Plan Templates

These longer marketing plan templates will serve you in the long term for your business. Some of these are fillable forms, and some are static document templates with listing of categories that you can use in your own marketing plan.

By reading through a few examples posted below, you will start to get a good understanding of what categories and questions you need to write into your business marketing plan. The content of the plan is much more important than rigid adherence to a specific format.

Business Marketing Plan Templates
Full Marketing Plan Template (Doc) Marketing Plan Template (PDF)
Marketing Plan Template and Guide (Doc) Marketing Plan Sample Outline (Doc)
Sample Marketing Plan (Doc)